DDream Media

Digital Dream Media Start’up, specializes in publishing websites (Ecommerce, modes, social networks …).

  • Built a custom Zapier app with triggers and actions specific to the Curated software service to allow integration with hundreds of other Zapier-supported software services.
  • Created a system for triggering and subscribing to web hooks for various application events.
  • Implemented time-based, recurring, and event-triggered transactional emails containing summary reports and user-action reminders.
  • Optimized the performance of click- and open-rate statistics reports using counter caches and denormalized tables rather than ad-hoc SQL queries.
  • Implemented the next-generation (v2) of a legacy REST API with updated conventions, best practices, and code improvements.
Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Zapier, Mandrill, PostgreSQL, REST API
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